Aren’t We Always Learning?

Let me give you a little bit of background.  My sister and I were headed back from Whole Foods in Plano, where I had just saved a lot of money using my coupons.  I was really excited that I was able to bring the cost of organic down to the cost I normally spend.  I live on a budget, but I don’t want to sacrifice my family’s health.  When I realized that living healthily might not be as expensive as I thought- well, I was thrilled.  Saving money is like my drug.  I love seeing the numbers go down as the cashier scans my coupons.  And I love walking out of the store knowing I haven’t put our family’s financial picture in jeopardy in order to keep us healthy.

When I had my son in 2009, I knew I wanted to change how my husband and I approached food.  I wanted my son to view food as fuel for the body.  I decided I didn’t want to flutter from diet to diet.  I don’t believe in fads and I don’t believe in “diet.”  So for about a year now, I’ve been working on changing what we eat.  I’m the guardian of the kitchen.  I do the grocery shopping and I cook the meals.  I know that I am directly responsible for what my husband and my son consume.  I started by changing our proportions, making the meal less about meat and more about fruits and veggies.  Then I started looking at content.  I decided to use less processed foods to bring down our sodium intake.  Slowly but surely I feel like I’ve improved our diet.  We currently buy about 50% organic, but I’m hoping with my newest saving strategies, we can up that amount by even more.

I love this blog concept because we all come from different perspectives.  All our priorities are different and our views, budget, and needs vary.  I feel like we are constantly learning and improving.  I’m glad you have joined us here and I hope you’ll feel welcome to comment as well as give us ideas!

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