Rosemeade Market and Greenhouse

Saturday we visited the Rosemeade Market & Greenhouse in Carrollton.  We really enjoyed our visit and give it a thumbs up!

Produce Selection: We felt like they had a large produce selection.  In talking with the manager we learned they do their best to find and support local farms, which Crunchy is fond of.  Their items were labeled where they were from, so we saw one entire wall which came from South Texas.
Price: Their produce was fairly priced and their prepackaged items were comparable to what you might find at Whole Foods or Central Market.
Staff Knowledge: We loved the friendliness of the staff.  The cashier talked intelligently about the items they had in their store, and even recommended future purchases based on our conversation.  She mentioned that the Heartland Bakery bread we bought has a Parmesan Cheese bread that we delicious.  We loved that she knew and tried the merchandise and could make recommendations.

They offer various classes.  Tomorrow they will be offering an Organic Seminar as you can see on their sign.  For more info on what they offer they have a Facebook page, a newsletter you can sign up for on their website, or you can just visit their website.

They had a wide selection of plants as well as sod, pest control (both conventional and organic), garden decorations.

The inside features a produce area with a wide selection of produce.  There were LOTS of items from Texas.  What they couldn’t find in  Texas, they found in close areas like Mexico.

They also feature a selection of your favorite national organic brands.  They often run specials on these.  Today we picked up Annie’s Organic Pasta for just $1.29.

They featured local eggs and dairy.  Their prices of these types of items are comparable to what you would find in Target.

They carried a wide variety of local items, including salsa, jellies, hot sauce, bread (baked this morning and delicious, by the way).


3 thoughts on “Rosemeade Market and Greenhouse

  1. I have to say one of the things I liked about this place was how healthy their plants were. The plants didn't have brown edges or dying leaves as you sometimes see. Good quality place!


  2. The produce that is offered is always the freshest that you can find in the Dallas area. Their selection of dried fruits, trail mixes, a large variety of trail mixes and nuts . . . on the weekends there is many items to sample. You can graze your way through the store. The eggs are so fresh that when the owner goes to Prosper to purchase the eggs the chickens ask him, “Are the eggs that we laid yesterday fresh enough or do you have time to wait until we can lay some more?” Consequently, the shelf life is considerably longer then the eggs in the stores. I highly recommend Rosemeade Market & Greenhouse. If you go there once, you'll go back time and time again.


  3. Thank you Mary for that! We didn't even mention their dried fruits and trail mixes! We'll definitely have to make a weekend trip so we can taste their samplings and be enticed to buy them! 🙂


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