Frisco Farmer’s Market

Saturday we visited Frisco Farmer’s Market!  I was excited about the produce and local vendors I had read about on their Facebook page.  The Frisco Farmer’s Market is held on the square in Frisco.  For now it is a small area, which hopefully will expand as time goes on.  Honestly, it was a little disappointing as they were much smaller than expected.  There were just three produce stands, a local bee keeper stand (which was awesome, and the man who was attending to the stand was super knowledgeable!), a few local food vendors (meat, pasta, salsa, rubs and soups, and bread) and then a lot of vendors for candles, vases, a Pampered Chef rep, a Homemade Gourmet rep, and more of that type of vendor.  Here are the vendors, but do keep in mind not all vendors are at this location every Saturday.

Produce Selection: Medium variety.  The largest table there claimed local produce, but then also explained some of their products were from East Texas.  I guess it depends on your definition of local.
Price: Produce seemed a little pricey.  Local vendors were competitively priced.
Staff Knowledge:  We loved the Local Honey table.  Other vendors knew where their produce came from, local vendors were enthusiastic about their products.  You’re not lacking from knowledge here.

Overall the experience was fair.  This is definitely the place to come for vendors or meat (and honey!), but if you’re looking for more produce, you may want to stick to other markets in the area.

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