Grapevine Farmers Market

Today I hit up Grapevine Farmers Market (hit up their Facebook page here and their website here) and were very pleased with what we found.  We were hesitant because Grapevine’s Main Street doesn’t offer a lot of great parking.  As luck would have it, we found parking right next to the Market!  

Produce Selection: They had a fairly large selection, ranging from potatoes to peaches (yum, right?) to tomatoes and Israeli Melons!  They even had a small organic selection, which thrilled me to pieces.  The location also had:
Staff Knowledge: What I love about markets is that you often talk to the people who make the products themselves.  The Spice Boys knew their spices and what they are best paired with.  I bought some spices to try to make my meatloaf a little better.  We purchased some jerky from Don’s Smokehouse (delicious, by the way) and we really enjoyed speaking to the gentlemen about the different types and flavors.
Overall, a great experience and we will definitely come again!  Most definitely a thumbs up experience!

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