Vegetarian Update

It was in April when I saw “Food Inc” and saw how animals were treated cruelly as they are raised and killed for food. It broke my heart and I felt I could never eat meat again. For about two months, I didn’t eat meat. I tried to supplement my diet, but honestly, I didn’t do a good job. The time and energy required to educate myself just isn’t there right now. I started having random dizzy spells and it freaked me out. I decided to begin to eat cruelty-free meat “sparingly” and “with thanksgiving” and that’s where I am now. I eat about 3 meals a week with meat in it. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have had non-cruelty free meat and am working hard to eat vegetarian when possible. Since that time, my dizziness went away. My heart still aches for the sweet animals, even when the package says cruelty-free. I hope to be able to study better about supplemental to keep my meat-eating down.

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