The Cove: San Antonio

We took a little trip down to San Antonio and decided to do a little exploring of the local crunchy scene!  We had the AWESOME opportunity to visit The Cove in San Antonio.  If you watch the Food Network as vigilantly as I do, you’ll know that The Cove was featured in Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  That’s right, we walked where Guy walked.

Ambiance: The setting is large.  From an indoor bar area, to an large outdoor area with plenty of space and fun- including a playground, ping pong table, and basketball hoop. This place has a little bit of everything.  For winter they have a fireplace, a fire pit, and heating lamps.  For summer, they have lots of shaded seating.
Service: You order at the front and receive a number which you then take to your seat.  Our food arrived within just a few minutes, any everything was hot and fresh!
Food: A-MAZ-ING.  As far as food goes, this place has everything we were looking for.  They source their meat from local farms (and they tell you exactly where the meat comes from and showcase the farmers on their menu and in their restaurant).  They use local and organic ingredients and are big on sustainable agriculture.
This was such a pleasant experience!  I wish there was something like this in Dallas.  But don’t worry.  We’re planning another trip to San Antonio in September, we’ll be back then.  And from what I saw on their Facebook page, we will definitely be ordering NACHOS!

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