Takin’ Care

Those that know me know that the past couple years of my life were a little crazy. I had a job where I traveled all over Dallas County at all hours of the day and night and worked crazy hours. A year ago I changed positions and now my life is a little more normal. I work a normal amount and have more free time.

Because of this crazy schedule, I often got ready for work in the car, at stop lights, in parking lots, etc. Hair, make-up, sometimes clothes. Today is the first morning in at least a year that I got completely ready for the day at home before I left. Clothes, hair, make-up, jewelry…everything. I left feeling put together, confident, and happy. It reminded me that I have not been doing a good job of taking care of myself. Self-care is such a vital part of life and wellness.

So I pass my lesson onto you. Take time to do what you need to do to help you feel put together, confident, and happy.

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