New System for Food Labeling?

I came across this article today, that suggests that consumers need a simpler labeling system.  At first I was enraged, thinking they were wanting to take information away from the consumer, but then I realized this would be in addition to the current nutrition labels that packages already have.  This report essentially encourages a 3 … Continue reading New System for Food Labeling?

What Fruits And Veggies To Eat This Fall In TX

We definitely had a long summer here in DFW (and a hot one!).  We are firmly in the fall, the weather is much nicer, people are venturing outside and away from their air-conditioners for the first time in months, and we are still committed to eat seasonally-fresh foods.  So, what kinds of fruits and vegetables are … Continue reading What Fruits And Veggies To Eat This Fall In TX

The Most Delicious Burger You Will EVER Have!

Let me introduce you to the most delicious burger you might ever possibly eat. Words cannot describe. Pictures are inadequate. It was savory, flavorful, juicy, and perfect!! This miraculous burger was found at BGR (The Burger Joint - click here for website). I went to Virgina to visit a dear friend and she introduced me … Continue reading The Most Delicious Burger You Will EVER Have!

Low Calorie Snacks

I have difficulty thinking of good, quality, and healthy snacks.  I was browsing the web and I found this link that has numerous ideas for low calorie snacks.  I loved the ideas and thought of several of my own while going through the list. What are your favorite snacks??