Emotional Health

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about physical health- the ins and outs of organic, calories, grass fed beef- which is good  because that is the main focus of the blog.  But I wanted to take a post to talk about our mental health.  How are you feeling emotionally?  I’ve learned throughout the years that if I pay attention to my emotional well being, I’m not only more capable of eating better, I’m also more in tune to my body’s needs.  When I tired or lethargic, I take stock of how I’m feeling emotionally?  If I’m feeling sad or anxious- am I reflecting those emotions with what I’m eating?  A lot of times I find myself eating just to cure the emotion rather than just for physical substance.

I came across this article on Oprah.com and I think it points out a lot of great things to thing about.  With our bodies, we have easy and quick ways to check our health…. but that isn’t the case with our emotion and mental health.  Our mental health requires that we be more introspective and in tune to ourselves.

When I am starting to feel like something is just “off”, I take some time to tune in to my body and my mind to figure out what’s wrong.  I start by getting away from distractions and noise.  I generally do it during naptime since that’s when my world is quiet.  I breathe and just focus on my breath.  I’m not really meditating, but I am thinking about how my body feels, and I’m taking note of the things that are going through my mind.  I listen for my heart, is it fast?  I pay attention to how my chest and abdomen feels, since this is where I feel anxiety.  Are my shoulders tight?  Does anything hurt?

By taking stock of my body and listening intently, I can identify what might be bothering me.  I may be feeling frustration outwardly because my 2 year old is everywhere all the time, but maybe deep down I’m feeling anxious about money or about a car repair.  This allows me to more effectively deal with the situation and helps me avoid pitfalls of health- like over eating or indulging in too many calories.

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