New System for Food Labeling?

I came across this article today, that suggests that consumers need a simpler labeling system.  At first I was enraged, thinking they were wanting to take information away from the consumer, but then I realized this would be in addition to the current nutrition labels that packages already have.  This report essentially encourages a 3 mark system… where 3 marks is healthier than 2 marks.  This would make, the report claims, buying healthier food easier for the time crunched consumer.  I’ll admit, when I’m in Whole Foods, I often look at the ANDI score of items to make sure I’m buying the most nutrient dense food I can.

So would a prominent display of nutritional value cause you (or another consumer) to buy a 3 mark product as opposed to a 2 mark?  Do you think this new system would help companies produce healthier products?  Can we trust the government (with their subsidies in all the wrong places and lobbyists in their back pockets) to even come up with a “healthy” guide?  Just some thoughts to ponder.

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