Yummy Sunday Afternoon Chicken Casserole

In my effort to have yummy food that is not entirely bad for me, I present to you yummy chicken casserole!

While the whole wheat noodles cooked, in a separate pan, I cooked onion, garlic, chopped chicken (humanely treated and smoked) then added cream of chicken soup, water (instead of cream) and spices. I cooked this on low-med heat then mixed in with the noodles when they were done. I put them in a casserole dish and topped with a smidgen of butter, cheese, and crushed all natural pita chips. Bake for 20 min and voila! It was delish!

It’s not that it’s a healthy dish, but it’s a healthier version and so yummy! Had I had the ingredients, I would have taken it up a notch by adding flax to the crushed pita chips and more veggies to the sauce.

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon!

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