Cosmic Cafe

Lisa and I were looking for some yummy vegetarian food and decided to try something new. We went to Cosmic Cafe off Oak Lawn in Dallas (click for their website).

Ambiance: This is a stereotypical vegetarian, earthy, “cosmic”-type place. The decor was energetic and lively, lots to look at, and busy busy. We went for lunch and the place was packed.
Service: The service was quite poor. They were not welcoming and saw employees only when given the food and check. They could do much better at reflecting their atmosphere.
Food: YUMMY! I was quite impressed and surprised by the flavors. This Indian-inspired vegetarian restaurant had flavor-packed into its food. I had the Dharma Bell (stuffed bell peppers) and Lisa had the quesadillas. We split an appetizer with naan, hummus, pappadam, and a samosa.

All in all, this was a very tasty place to eat if you are in the Dallas area (though, there is nothing on the website that indicates the food is organic or the dairy is from cows not treated with hormones, etc.). They also have an outdoor seating area that looks perfect for Texas weather!

**Just a note – Cosmic Cafe is NOT handicap accessible (all entrances have stairs that are unsteady) so if you have any mobility needs, you might go elsewhere.


This is the hummus dish. SO good! The hummus was fresh and samosa was tasty!

This was the Dharma Bell dish – rice and potato cooked in peppers topped with cheese. MMMMM!
 The rice was so flavorful!
This was Lisa’s quesadilla dish. She thought they tasted really good but was disappointed they used white flour tortillas.

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