Homemade Natural Hand Soap From a Bar!

There are multiple recipes for homemade soap floating around Pinterest… all of them call for water, a bar of soap, and glycerin.  In doing some research on glycerin, I noticed that many higher end natural soaps advertised that they didn’t use glycerin.  Apparentely there is some debate as to whether or not this ingredient is safe and healthy and/or vegan/vegetarian friendly.  So I opted to make a soap without using glycerin.  Instead, I used my newest favorite kitchen ingredient- coconut oil.

You’ll need one bar of soap, a gallon of water and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil.

Shred your bar of soap.  I would use a good quality natural soap.  This hand soap will last a long time, so you could probably spare the expense of a nicer quality soap.  I happened to have a nice bar of soap in my stockpile, so that’s what I used.  But during my next Whole Foods trip I plan on browsing the aisles to find a nicer fragrance.

Combine soap and water into large pot.  Heat and dissolve soap into the water.  Add coconut oil.

Mix, stir and combine all the ingredients.  Then set the pot away from everything and let it sit for 12 hours.  (I did this in the evening so I could see the results in the morning without being tempted to touch it.)  The morning will bring a thick paste of soap.  Mix it up with a spoon, or use a hand mixer and blend.  I loved using the hand mixer because it gave it some air bubbles and smoothed the whole product out.

Pour into jars and use as needed!  I’ve been saving all the glass jars I use, so this was a perfect time to use them up and have a purpose.  Now I have a gallon of great hand soap under my sink and ready to go.  This will take me awhile to use up, I’m sure!  Perfect for a gift as well.


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