Blue Mesa

Alright blogging world…I need to introduce you a restaurant that serves the most succulent chicken you have ever tasted. Meat that is grilled and so delicious. Veggies that are fresh and local and a commitment to doing fresh and local. If you need a place to go out with friends, especially those not wanting organic, vegan food, this is the place to go. Yummy on your taste buds and easy on your conscience.
Blue Mesa Grill:
Ambiance: Great modern-Mexican setting. Fun and light.
Service: We had a great waiter who had knowledge of the menu and treated us well.
Food: I cannot say enough about the food (as you’ll see below). Tasty, whole, fresh, local….it was SO good!

From Blue Mesa’s website:
We seek out local farms and producers for our products. We are doing this for several reasons:

  • To use the freshest ingredients harvested at their peak of flavor; keeping us connected to the seasons.
  • To support the local economy.
  • It is consistent with our philosophy of building business through building a long term relationship with the community – putting a “face” behind the foods we consume.
  • Buying produce from local growers reduces the environmental impact of transporting products.
Here are some examples of how we are achieving these goals:
  • We have found several local farms that supply us with seasonal vegetables. Each season we will feature different fruits and vegetables from these farms. We make our fresh fruit margaritas from locally sourced seasonal fruits.
  • The chicken in our Slow Roasted Natural Chicken is from Buddy’s Natural Chicken in Gonzales. It is a local farm that feeds the chickens natural grains and uses no antibiotics or other chemicals. The flavor of these chickens is fantastic – you can really taste the difference.
  • The cheese in our Goat Cheese Enchiladas is from Mozzarella Company, a cheese manufacturer. These enchiladas have become a very popular item.
  • Our coffee and tea (for our Passion Fruit Iced Tea, too) is produced here in Dallas, Texas.
  • You will see more and more local products on our menu. The sweet potatoes for our chips are purchased from local growers when available. These products tend to cost more money so it is something we are doing selectively. We want to maintain our overall prices and value to our guests.
This is a bad picture of a great dish. I truly never knew the meaning of juicy, succulent
chicken until this. It was the most tasty chicken I have ever had in my life. Also, if you get the chance to have the adobe pie, DO IT! It’s fresh and made with sweet corn…so good!
Slow roasted natural chicken with caramelized honey glaze.
“Texas raised chickens fed natural grain, slow roasted with a signature blend of 15 herbs and spices. 
Served with a black bean Adobe Pie and local seasonal vegetables.” (from the website)

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