Top 10 Ways to Save Money Eating Naturally!

People think that eating healthy is expensive, and it can be- but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are my top 10 ways that I save money and can still afford delicious good foods.

  1. Pay attention- a couple weeks ago I was walking in Sprouts and saw a coupon booklet.  There was a huge stack of them.  I picked up about 10 of them, they don’t expire until the end of the year- which means I have a full year to find matching coupons offered by Sprouts and Whole Foods to stack them with!
  2. Take the stores up on their offers- Whole Foods offered a calendar which contained numerous coupons in the middle.  It cost $3, with the proceeds going to charity.  I purchased.  Again, I have a full year to combine these coupons with manufacturer’s coupons (see above) and get the best deals around!
  3. Email your favorite companies- often they will send you free samples and coupons.  I’ve done this with a few companies.  Plus, sign up for their email updates and Facebook page.  I regularly obtain coupons from Organic Valley, Green Works, Earth’s Best, etc- simply by signing up.
  4. Sign up for updates for stores that offer store coupons (you can stack).  Whole Foods has coupons you can print online (or you can get their Whole Deals booklet in the store.)  Sprouts Facebook page often has coupons as well as their email list (each month you get one item completely free!)  (This goes for Target too, they offer a good selection of organic coupons so sign up for their coupons.  Often I randomly get a coupon booklet in the mail from them full of Target coupons!)  You can also get coupons from Mambo Sprouts.
  5. Recycle Bank- This website is super easy and really awesome.  Basically you can earn points by doing simple green, environmentally friendly tasks and then redeem the points for coupons.  Sign up here.
  6. Make items from scratch.  This seems fairly obvious.  Things you might not think about making at home are so simple and very cheap, like taco seasoning and teriyaki sauce.
  7. Stock up when the price is right.  When I head to a grocery store, I keep my eyes peeled for things that may not even be on my list that week- like organic grass fed beef.  Sprouts has a sale on this so often, so I stock up when I can.
  8. Subscribe to a few coupon saving blogs/FB pages.  One of my favorites is Healthy Life Deals.  They often do coupon match ups, coupon alerts, and deals they find on Amazon.  Our blog is helpful too- of course. 🙂
  9. Can and freeze items in batches (tomato sauce, chicken broth, etc).  Along this same concept is to not throw anything away.  If you cook a chicken, save the bones to make a broth the next day.  If you core a tomato to make pico de gallo, don’t throw away the inner portion, toss it in with other tomatoes for sauce.  Don’t throw away the last piece of bread, or the ends if you’re like me.  Make them into bread crumbs for meatloaf or various coatings.
  10. Look into local CSAs (you can search here) or Bountiful Baskets in your area.  This can save you money, and many of them help you support local food and family farms.

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