Need Advice – Is A Trainer A Must-Have For Weight-Loss?

So, I hired a trainer for 24 sessions about 10 weeks ago.  We’ve been meeting twice per week and my pre-paid sessions are almost up.  I’ve gone through some definite physical changes since working with him.  First, I’ve never in my life felt so much muscular pain – and not just once, but time and time again.  He takes me to a level that I don’t think I can possibly reach, and then he pushes me to go farther.  I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself physically and what I am capable of.  Also, I am absolutely stronger and more nimble than I used to be.  Muscles that have never been pushed (and barely used for that matter) have been woken up and overall I know I’m stronger than I used to be.

However, what is interesting is the training didn’t exactly cause me to lose weight, which was the goal.  I found that weeks where I push myself at the gym (and get in the requisite cardio sessions on my own that my trainer assigns me as homework), that my weight doesn’t change at all if I am not eating well.  Yet, if I am eating according to my whole foods, zero processed, healthy eating plan, the scale will move, even if my work-outs have not been great.

This leads me to believe that food is 80% of the battle, and exercise is the icing on top.  I’m curious what others think.  Either way, my sessions are almost completed and my trainer of course wants me to continue.  I’m thinking about the cost and weighing that against the fact that I don’t think the training is actually getting me a ton of results on the scale.  Any advice?

2 thoughts on “Need Advice – Is A Trainer A Must-Have For Weight-Loss?

  1. Lisa, stop doing something that fail to reach your goal.
    You got the point. You are what you eat. Eating the right food is the key (with a simple exercise plan at home or work).
    However, most diets only work for a short time. What you need is a total lifestyle approach to weight management. It’s about education and implementation, not limitation.
    I hope this helps. Good luck!

    Ka, weight loss coach


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