MyFitnessPal Can Be Your Fitness Pal

I wanted to share my great experience with  If you haven’t used it before, it is a great place to keep track of your food every day.  Also, there are fantastic forums where people are very active in posting and supporting each other.  There is a great discussion forum for success stories where every day, people are posting new stories and pictures of their weight loss success.

In fact, the discussion forums are one of the greatest aspects of this site.  First, there are tons of topics in the forums, so whatever helps you identify with others, you can probably find people like you on the site.  Second, people are very supportive of each other.  You can easily make friends with people you’ve never met before and support each other on your journey to health.

I also am glad that all of the food that I’ve wanted to track is in the database.  Sometimes on other sites when I want to add something that is not very common (like Whole Foods’white bean and kale soup), it won’t exist on a site, but since this database lets members add foods and then make them public, I’ve been able to find pretty much everything I eat.

And, it is all free.

I’ve heard it has a great app for your droid, too, but I haven’t tried that (still working the Blackberry).

So, check it out!


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