Being Healthy Is A Revolutionary Act

I have a gym membership at Lifetime Fitness, which is a wonderful gym.  If you’ve never been to this gym, it is like working out in a spa.  It is the only gym I’ve ever been to that actually beckons me to it.

One of the benefits of gym membership is a subscription to their magazine: Experience Life.  This is a very well-produced magazine that focuses on nutrition, whole food eating, techniques for exercise, etc.  It is not at all one of those off-the-shelf magazines with famous people dressed in bikinis on the cover.

So, last fall, the magazine included a booklet titled “Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act.”  It brought up the point that our society has moved so far away from a healthy way of life, that to counter that way of life is revolutionary.

I’ve thought about that a lot since then.  Here is a link to a site that they put together that spells out ways to be revolutionary for your health –

You can also get the booklet I referred to on their site.  I recommend doing some reading on this site.  It is good stuff.

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