Don’t Focus On Meal Perfection

So this week, I found myself feeling frustrated about what to eat. Over the last few weeks, I have tried to incorporate more fruit and vegetables, replace refined breads for whole grains, and reduce my intake of milk-based products. But somewhere along the way, I think my creativity wore out and I found myself asking, “what do normal people eat??” I just got a little overwhelmed trying to be better. So today, I went back to basics. For breakfast I had Kashi cereal with soy milk, lunch was french toast with Ezekiel bread and an orange and banana smoothie, and for dinner I had baked salmon with veggies and a potato. (For dessert, I did make cinnamon muffins but I replaced the oil for applesauce and milk with soy milk.) In terms of eating, it wasn’t a perfect day, but I needed to get back to basics. I am not sure what this week will bring…part of me wants to go on meal autopilot. For me this usually means smoothie or cereal breakfasts, McDougall lunches, and whatever is in the fridge for dinner. If I am feeling stressed out over what to eat, I am doing something wrong and need to resimplify.

On a different note, as for Bountiful Baskets, according to their website, they deliver to this area weekly but that is incorrect. It wouldn’t let me order last week so we’ll try this week. I’ll keep you posted.

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