Lessons Learned Through Gardening

This year, I have attempted to grow an organic garden. I planted strawberries, rosemary, watermelon, cucumber, green onions, and lettus. We also have some left over carrots from last year growing as well. Most of my plants started from Seeds of Change seeds that I planted and let sprout. While it is still early in the process, I have learned a few lessons I thought I’d share.

1. Apparently gardening requires daily effort. Somehow, I don’t know that I realized this when I first began this process. Plants must be checked on several times a week. I neglected my strawberries for a week and they were almost completely dried up. I am having to do some work to revive them now.

2. Lots of things try to kill plants. Bugs, thunderstorms, and debris all threaten to take down my little garden. That doesn’t even include my cute little nephew who overwaters them. I lost a watermelon plant due to the attention he gave it. It takes effort to protect these plants.

3. I have also learned greater appreciation for my forefathers who lived on what they planted. When we had a bad thunderstorm come through a few weeks ago, it took out my onion crop. For me who is dilly dallying in gardening, it’s not a huge loss. For those whose lives depended upon the success of crops, that could have been devastating.

In the end, what I am remembering is that Heavenly Father has provided multiple avenues to teach eternal lessons. I’ll give you an update and let you know how things turn up!!

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