Juice Cleanse: Day One

So for awhile now I’ve been contemplating various “cleanses” but have not committed.  A few weeks ago, my mom and I watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and it really motivated me to do more juicing.  We had a juicer, but it was awful- vibrating so much that it danced across the table.  So after doing a fair amount of research, this past weekend, my husband and I purchased a Breville- like the one featured in the movie. 
Last week I juiced and ate a modified diet and I lost weight and felt amazing.  This week I decided to stick with all juicing (with the exception being Mother’s Day).  Today is Day One and I’ll plan on updating you with how things are going, how I’m feeling, and perhaps some juicing recipes.
So this morning, things were going great.  I felt fine, I juiced and felt satisfied.  Even in the afternoon, my husband, kiddo, and I went to town to buy some things we needed to repair our a/c (yes, the beginning of a Texas summer and our a/c goes out- more on that later)- my husband and son needed snacks so we made a stop and they picked up some treats.  I stuck with water, until I got home and could juice myself a drink.  It wasn’t until the evening (like… now) that I’m starting to doubt my plan to stick this.  If anything though, it’s encouraging me to go to bed early so I can stop thinking about food (not that getting more sleep should be a problem given how sleep deprived I feel so often).

So- about that a/c, I promise, it’s related.  On Monday, it stopped working.  On Tuesday, we had a guy come out who said it was the compressor and it would cost upwards of $2000 to repair (mind you, he said an entire new until for our home would cost $2500- so you know- you do the math).  Anyway, I had planned on shopping for my fruits/veggies on Tuesday… but now I felt stressed and poor (since who wants to shell out that much cash for… well… anything really?).  I contemplated putting off juicing altogether.  In fact, I contemplated grabbing some chocolate and stuffing my face until the crying stopped (if you can’t tell, I’m an emotional eater- severely).  But I didn’t.  I got up and went to Sprouts, where I purchased all the things I needed to prepare meals for my family as well as all the fruits and veggies I would need.  I browsed the chocolate cakes, and even eyeballed a few lemon squares… but I resisted.  Seriously, huge accomplishment for me.  As I was driving home with my juice loot, I praised myself.  See, I tend to be mean to myself- but instead I’m working on praising myself for things I do right.  I resisted temptation AND stayed on course for my juicing.  This was huge.  Yes- I’m making progress… even if the only progress I’m making is to prove to myself and I am capable of doing this… it’s progress.

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