Juice Cleanse: Day Three

Today was day three of my cleanse and my first goal.  I’m feeling proud of myself for accomplishing 3 days, but disappointed because at dinner I allowed myself a smoothie.  My smoothies do not include yogurt or anything like that, just frozen fruits and veggies and water.  The past few days have been challenging, and while I didn’t constantly find myself craving foods, I did often find that I was hungry.  My stomach wasn’t satisfied.  And because of that, I was thinking about food ALL THE TIME.  Seriously.  After dinner, when I had my smoothie, I felt satisfied and content.  I haven’t thought about food in several hours and I’ve been happy just sipping on water while I worked.  So I think that I’m going to wrap up my Juice Cleanse.  I’ve lost pounds this week… so I feel like I’ve accomplished my goals in giving myself a kick start, and enough weight loss to stay motivated.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be living a vegan, mostly raw diet.  Allowing myself whole fruits and veggies, smoothies, juices, and perhaps a vegan treat I find at the Farmers Market, who knows?  I feel like I need to take time trying different things before settling on a lifestyle so that I can decide what’s right for me.  My husband, for example, gets his energy from protein.  He is a meat and potatoes guy.  Because of that, I’ve always eaten and prepared meat and potatoes type meals without giving too much more thought into the types of foods that I get energy from.  This exercise has proven to me that I can prepare meals for my husband without losing the focus of what’s right for me.

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