Adventures in Exercising

Life has been kind of crazy and I haven’t written any posts in awhile.  As usual, Heidi has kept the blog going strong in the meantime.

I thought for this post, I would catch everyone up on my pursuits to be a regular exerciser.  First, I finally ended my sessions with my trainer.  I have been seeing him since last fall.  It was a VERY expensive experiment.  He is a good trainer, as far as they go, but I would give this experiment mixed reviews.  The good: he definitely pushed me physically further than I thought I could go.  I think in terms of helping me understand that I really am capable of more than I thought, the training was useful.  Having said that, the negative is that training is really only a piece of the puzzle.  You still have to eat right and exercise on your own.  I could not afford to have more than 1 or 2 sessions a week.  So, it was more to check in then to actually work me out regularly.  I had weeks when I was not eating as well as I should, and the training sessions felt like a complete waste of money because I wasn’t doing my part outside of training.

I finally decided that it was too expensive to pay for something that really was not getting at the core of my areas of improvement.  So, I quit.

I am feeling good about it so far.  The key is that exercise has to be a habit and you really can’t buy this, it has to come from within.

Now, the focus is to find enjoyable ways to exercise.  I try to shoot hoops (when it isn’t too hot), swim, ride my bike (I’ll post about this later.  Yes, I bought a very basic cruiser), play Xbox (yep, bought that too recently – maybe all this spending is why I can’t afford my trainer?), and basically find ways to get exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.

So, that’s it for now.  More to come later…

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