Natural Fruit Fly Trap

Recently, fruit flies invaded Lisa’s house! Having left for a long weekend with ripe fruit all around, we returned home to a house with fruit flies. After doing some research and consulting our exterminator, I decided to try a natural approach to trapping fruit flies. At the suggestion of our bug guy, I grabbed a mason jar and poured in about 2 ounces of apple vinegar cider. As I couldn’t find the lid to the mason jar, I cut a small hole in the corner of a sandwich bag and inverted it so the tip was about an inch above the apple cider and fastened with a rubber band. (If you have the top of the jar, you can secure saran wrap with a few holes on top instead.)


I cleaned the kitchen and placed two of these traps by where the flies seemed to be gathering, the trash and the drain. After a few days and lots of flies caught, I rinsed out the glass, refilled it, and set the trap again. Afraid it would not be successful, I also purchased traditional sticky fly traps but caught only a few with it. The apple cider vinegar approach was by far the most successful! So if you find yourself plagued by these annoying little bugs, try this trick! (As a side note, our bug guy said if flies are staying by the drain, pouring diluted bleach water down could keep them from populating in the drain.)

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