Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

I was selected by BzzAgent to review the Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead video.  This movie is about a man who goes on a 60 day juice cleanse in order to be healthier.

The movie articles his 60 days doing it on his own, and assisting others along the way.  The first 30 days he spent in New York City, while the second 30 days he spends driving across the United States meeting new people and telling them what he is doing.  He loses a lot of weight, and helps a truck driver- who has the same rare condition he has- do the same.

I LOVED this video.  After watching the video previously, I embarked on a juice cleanse of my own.  Three days was as far as I could make it, but I intend to make juicing a regular part of my diet.  If you want information on doing a cleanse of your own, and to speak with other people doing it, go to www.jointhereboot.com.  You can also watch the video at that site as well!  I highly recommend the juicer he uses in the video as well, the Breville Juicer Elite.  After watching the video, we purchased it and it works extremely well for all types of fruits and vegetables, and isn’t as loud as past juicers I’ve used.

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