Gogi Cafe. Yummy Vegan Food. 

For Mother’s Day this year, Heidi gave mom a day of fun that included going to the Dallas Farmers Market and going out to lunch. The trip was delayed a few weeks but was a lot of fun. You probably read Heidi’s review of the DFM. I thought I’d tell you about Gogi Cafe.

My mother is a vegan and here in Texas, it can be hard to find non-salad options that are vegan. We were excited to find Gogi Cafe as it was yummy food with an Asian flair. The food was hot and savory and very filling.

 Delight flat noodle

 Mushroom wrap

 Udon noodles

 Sweet and sour tofu and veggies

Funny story. One of the appetizers (vegan fairy) said it was breaded vegan yam. We thought that meant yam as in the root vegetable. It did not.  After several lost-in-translation moments, we learned they used the word “yam” to mean a combination of foods that acted as a filling. Oops!

Other than a little confusion on the definition of yam, we had a great time and enjoyed the food. Next time you’re off of Royal Ln and I-35, check it out!

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