Flatout Flatbread Pizza – YUM!

I started Weight Watchers a few months ago.  For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a weight loss program that encourages participants to eat healthier, move more, and learn to make more balanced food choices.  You have so many “points” assigned based upon what your weight and goals are, so most participants look for ways of eating lower point items, like fruit and vegetables.  I discovered Flatout flatbreads, which are 2 points for an entire flatbread.  (For non-WW folks, as a comparison, most pieces of bread are 2-4 points.) It’s been fun discovering new creations.

Weight Watchers pizza
Weight Watchers Flatout Pizza

The one on the left is made with a smidge of spaghetti sauce (0 pts), turkey pepperoni (3pts), and 2 Velveeta slices (3pts) for an 8 pt flatbread pizza.  The one on the right has  a smidge of cream of chicken soup concentrated as the sauce (2pts), chicken (3 pts), sauteed green peppers and onions (0 pts), and white american cheese (3pts) for a total of 10pts. FOR THE WHOLE PIZZA! It’s yummy!  I’ve made this for lots of people, both on WW and those who are not. So far it’s been a HUGE hit! HINT: pre-toast the flatbread for 3-4 min on each side to make the crust truly crunchy. You can other recipe ideas here.

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