Feeling Wonderful Since the Eclipse? You’re Not Alone.

20170821_124019Several of my friends mentioned the past few days how this week has been really fantastic.  I, myself, having had a frustrating few days still felt contentment and joy.  Most people know that being out in nature can boost your mood and help you feel connected to others and to a larger purpose.  According to Psychology Today:

When people look up at the sky they feel a sense of wonder and connection with something larger than themselves. They may be left speechless, or be struck with an overwhelming sense of reverence — stunned by beauty and majesty that cannot be fully comprehended.

To be honest, however, I think I felt more excitement in the nation’s united purpose.  It’s no secret that our society has become fragmented and disconnected.  For a brief few hours, however, we all united in a common interest and purpose.  We all looked upward and experienced something amazing and awe-inspiring.  For a day we felt hope, freedom, and were filled with optimism.

I’m so grateful to have experienced the eclipse with you all, my fellow residents of the United States.  I hope we carry that spirit with us as we continue our lives and advocate for our passions.

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