My Favorite Healthy Kitchen Gadgets


I began loving the Vitamix when I was doing cleanses more often.  When I joined Weight Watchers, I thought my use of it would die down, but it hasn’t!  Since it’s been summer time here in Texas, I use the Vitamix to make snow out of ice.  Then I pour sugar free jello or Crystal Light over the top for a 0 point summer snow cone!


Water bottle!  It’s no secret that the key to good weight loss is a GREAT water bottle.  I love Camelbak products.  They’re easy to clean and have a little loop to make it easy to pick up and carry with me while I’m on the go.


I never wanted to be the kind of person that weighed things on a kitchen scale.  It just seemed like a lot of energy.  However, I’ve found that when I’m eating things like whole chicken or ribs that I feel more confident and I’m more accurate when I weigh the meat.  I mean, you don’t eat the bone, right?  Why include it in your weight?  I take the bone out, stick it on my scale, and accurately put it in my app.  Easy peasy lemon sequeezy, am I right?

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