35 Pounds Down With Weight Watchers

I promise, we don’t get anything from Weight Watchers on this blog. But, you will find from time to time that we talk about the wonder of Weight Watchers because it has been such a useful program so far. That is not to say that it is easy. I don’t think any weight loss program is easy. However Weight Watchers is the best of any program I’ve ever been on. I can also say with confidence that it is the easiest way to lose weight that I have found.

There are a number of reasons for this of course, the most commonly mentioned is that you can eat whatever you want, though this is not entirely true. This implies excess is allowed, which it isn’t. It is better to say you can eat whatever you want as long as the quantities are balanced. You just have to be able to fit foods within your points. I’ve found that I can still lose weight and have ice cream every week, cakes at birthday parties, and so in. The key is that the junk food does not engulf my diet. The junk food is just a small piece of my diet.

As time goes on with Weight Watchers, I find myself wanting to find new ways to stay within my points but still have a variety of options. When I started Weight Watchers, I ate a lot of frozen dinners, especially Weight Watcher’s dinners because the points are right on the box. I think I was having a lot of sodium because I was not preparing anything at home, and yet I still lost weight. However that type of diet is not sustainable, and I think Weight Watchers knows that if you continue on the program, you will figure that out. Over time, you learn to refine your food. You learn that eating too much salt will have a negative impact on your weight. You learn that pre-packaged foods don’t fill you up as much as homemade foods. You find little gems like Velveeta cheese and whipped cream, which you can add to your fruits and vegetables and make them all the more pleasurable without raising your points too much.

But over time, I think you also start to get a confidence in yourself that you are capable of losing weight. I feel that way now for the first time in my life. I have confidence that if I continue on the program, I will lose weight. It does not always happen at the speed that I wish. In fact, this is one of the downsides of getting to eat whatever you want. The program is flexible, but because of that you’re not losing ultra-fast. When someone is overweight, they just want to drop the weight as quickly as possible. However the Weight Watchers method is vastly superior to any “quick” diet out there. The reason for this is because those diets are not sustainable, and this one is.

If you deny yourself from ever having that piece of cake at a birthday party or that piece of chocolate or that ice-cream cone, your body will continue to crave these things until one day you find yourself binging on 4000 calories. With Weight Watchers, you can have a reasonable amount of treats, smash the craving, and move on with your life.

There is a also a very supportive community with Weight Watchers. I do not attend the weekly meetings (my “online only” account is cheaper, but if you need in-person support, the meetings are great, too). Weight Watchers has a great app with an online community that is very supportive.

Bottom line (again, I get no kickback for saying this), if you are struggling, try Weight Watchers. You might be surprised. I’ve lost 35 pounds since March, enjoying yummy foods along the way.

Good luck!

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