Love My Quinoa BBQ Chips

So, I’m a snack person. For movies, chatting on the phone, or just sitting around petting my cat, sometimes I’m in the mood to munch on snacks. Obviously, this can add needless points to my day. So, I’ve searched far and wide for snacks that are tasty and still low points. I think the most obvious choice is light popcorn. I do love my popcorn. But, I also miss chips. I used to eat BBQ chips all the time. I can still have them on WWs (because you can have everything on WWs), but I can’t have very many before the points add up. So, I was thrilled to discover yummy quinoa BBQ chips. Yep, you read that right. Quinoa. Its a grain (don’t feel bad for not knowing). The BBQ flavor is scrumptious (they do have other flavors, but of the ones I’ve tried, BBQ is the best).

The entire bag (yes, the entire bag) is 12 SmartPoints. Now, I’m not suggesting you eat the entire bag in one sitting (yes, I have done this). But, I am saying that if you feel like having the whole bag, it won’t completely destroy your points.

They can also be used in other ways, as the low-point crunch on your salad or base to a taco salad. Or, they can be eaten alone, no dip required because they are already packed with flavor.

Bottom line, I highly recommend them. They are made by Simple 7.


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