Velveeta: Surprisingly Weight Watchers Friendly

I know, you are shocked to read the headline just as I was shocked to rediscover Velveeta. Before we move on, I will not try to tell you that Velveeta is healthy. I make no such assertions. However, it is, brace yourself, only 1 SmartPoint per slice. ONE. Regular cheese is at least a couple points or more per slice depending on the type that you get. In fact, if you are on WW, you probably discovered how quickly cheese can sabotage your daily point goal. This is unfortunate, of course, because cheese is yummy. Enter Velveeta.

Velveeta is not pure cheese, it melts kind of funny, and it may not satisfy your craving for brie or gouda. But, it can be a tasty addition to your diet if you sometimes need a little help to finish off your veggies. Adding Velveeta to broccoli makes broccoli much tastier and the whole dish is still very low in points. I’ve used it on homemade pizza (it isn’t quite the same as real cheese, but I get over that since the points are low.) I add Velveeta to a chicken sandwich or put it on a homemade taco or tostada. And, don’t forget the dish where Velveeta shines: queso. Add some picante sauce to Velveeta for a yummy, thick queso.

Sometimes, on the journey to a healthy bod, it is nice to find treats that are still ok to eat in moderation – and I submit to you that adding a little Velveeta to a healthy diet can make eating some dishes more enjoyable.

Happy Eating!


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