#3 – Discouragement (Podcast)

In this episode, we talk about how to work through the frustration and discouragement of gains.  When you have a lot to lose, it can be hard to maintain motivation for years.

“I feel like I want to give up everyday…. and the other day I gave up for 30 minutes and said screw it, I’m having donuts.  But then I caught myself. I just need to catch myself enough times until this season of discouragement is over.”

“We’ve been conditioned to think this not going to be so hard because we see before and after pictures and people share their weight loss.  We don’t spend enough time talking about the struggle of the journey, especially when you have a lot of weight to lose, it takes a lot of time.  This discouraging moment we’re experiencing is going to be repeated a 100 more times before we hit goal.”

“Going off for 6 donuts doesn’t mean we go off forever, it means that we balance those donuts in the evening by eating healthily and getting on the next meal.”

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