Weight Loss Update and Non-Scale Victory

For this post, I’m going to give a weight loss update and then share a non-scale victory. Weight Watchers has asked its members to focus on not only the weight that we lose but also the non-scale victories. First, as far as the weight loss goes, I’m down around 43 pounds from when I started Weight Watchers. That’s very exciting. I started in March of this year, and I’m trying to lose another 17 before the end of the year. We’ll see if my body can do that. Actually, I’ll see if I can get through the holidays and do that. That would be something of a miracle.

So, given the weight loss I’m still glad that I chose Weight Watchers. I’m very grateful for my sisters’ support. And I’m grateful that Weight Watchers has allowed me to still have foods that I want to have, fluctuate in my weight but not go off the plan, make mistakes, but still lose overall. It’s pretty amazing this has happened.

As for non-scale victories, I have a really bad back. I’ve had times in my life when my back hurt really, really bad. When I was at my high weight, my back hurt so much that I could barely walk a block. It was so difficult, because whenever friends or coworkers would want to go on a walk, I always had to come up with a reason why I couldn’t. I really hated it. For some reason, my back would feel like my spine was grinding against itself. However, now that I’ve lost 40 plus pounds, my back doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to. I have to do a lot more physical activity before it starts hurting. I’m hoping as I lose more, that my back pain will completely go away. But for now I’m grateful for the improvements that I’ve already felt with the current weight that’s been lost.

So, that’s my update. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog about hitting my weight goal by the end of the year. Wish me luck!

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