The Kroger Spa Line Review

My face has been thinning out and I’ve found myself starting to care a bit more about taking care of my skins and its appearance.  (Shockingly, I’ve also started wearing makeup and doing my hair!)  It’s amazing what a little weight loss can do to a person’s self-esteem.

I decided to give the Kroger Spa Line a try since 1, I saw I might be able to get some free samples (which I did through Kroger’s MyMagazine, though all these opinions are my own entirely) and 2, I shop at Kroger all the time so I figured if I liked the products, they would be easy to obtain.


The product I was MOST interested in was BRIGHTEN which is supposed to brighten up your dark circles under the eyes.  I tried this product having no clue what to think.  I was a little confused about how to apply the masks under my eyes since there weren’t super detailed instructions, but I finally got them on.  Once they were applied, my face started to tingle and burn (this also happened with the HYDRATE product that’s designed to just moisturize so you can imagine my fear).  Never one to give up, I stuck with it.  Once the 20 minutes passed, I took it off and pat the moisture into my skin.  There was slight redness, but it went away within a couple hours.

What I liked about these products:

  • I could do them anywhere.  I just needed to apply them, continue with housework for 20 minutes, and return to peel them off and pat my skin.
  • The masks are super smooth and feel refreshing for the most part (once the tingle goes away.)
  • The price.  These are all really reasonably priced, for example, the eye masks are 2 for $2.50.

What I didn’t like about these products:

  • The tingle.  It made me wonder if I was going to end up with a big red face (I didn’t).  Once I removed the product, the tingle/burn went away.
  • There weren’t instructions for best process… like which one should I use first and how often.

I would definitely recommend these.  They are low cost and pretty simple to use.  If you try them out, let me know in the comments below!



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