Falling Off The Wagon Gracefully

Anyone who has ever tried to eat more healthfully or begin an exercise routine knows what it is like to fall off the wagon. You're doing great and then something comes along and messes up your success, and you revert back to old behavior. This weekend, that for me was getting sick. In a matter … Continue reading Falling Off The Wagon Gracefully

Review: Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate

I gotta say, it's pretty yummy. It's one point. Not too sweet. On it's own, it's alright but with a tablespoon of cool whip, it is pretty tasty and a viable alternative to regular hot cocoa. I added some cool whip and pizzelles (6 for 5 pts) for a yummy snack. Hot cocoa can sometimes … Continue reading Review: Weight Watchers Hot Chocolate

What Tweaks Are You Making For Freestyle?

Today was my third day on Freestyle (as mentioned in our last podcast, my sisters are about a week ahead of me). I’m finding that I’m running out of points earlier in the day and that I haven’t yet figured out how to compensate for that. I’ve been having yogurt in the morning like I … Continue reading What Tweaks Are You Making For Freestyle?