Podcast – Midnight Rollout of Freestyle! What Are Your Plans For The Yogurt???

In this week’s episode, we talk about our experience attending a MIDNIGHT rollout of Freestyle.  That’s right!  We’ve got the charm, we know the changes, and we’ve got something to say!  Join us as we share in the excitement of these new changes. Read more about the changes here.

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3 thoughts on “Podcast – Midnight Rollout of Freestyle! What Are Your Plans For The Yogurt???

  1. Wishing Weight Watchers had more or your upbeat attitude and maybe had planned pajama launch parties! Great podcast. My only criticism of Weight Watchers at this point is that the cloak and dagger secrecy regarding program changes seems a bit obsolete given the accessibility of information online. Thank you.


    1. I can understand that sentiment. Like many members, we were googling information and it seemed like once it hit the UK, it was more frustrating to KNOW something big was coming but it couldn’t be spoken of.

      What I’ve heard is that they’ve always made changes to the UK in Nov and changes in the US in December… but the internet wasn’t as prevalent in past rollouts I suppose. They didn’t plan on so much knowledge. I would be interested in hearing about someone’s experience from when the program went from PointsPlus to SmartPoints… was it similar that it rolled out for some but not all?


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