New Weight Watchers Changes – The Freestyle Effect

Greetings! We attended a midnight Weight Watchers meeting this morning to get the scoop on the new changes to the plan. We’re excited and wanted to pass along what we learned.

1 – There are new zero point foods! Skinless chicken and turkey, eggs, nonfat plain yogurt, corn, and beans to name a few. Think of the Tex-Mex possibilities!! This changes takes my favorite recipe from 7 points a serving to 4 points!!!

2 – Rollover points!!! You can roll over up to 4 points a day, up to 24 points a week. Pretty exciting! Planning for holidays and special occasions just got a bit easier.

3 – You lose some daily points. If you had 30 daily points, you now have 23. If you had 52, you now have 40. It’s a significant change. When I heard about the changes last week, I freaked out about losing points. After the meeting though, I am feeling excited. There are great possibilities with lower point foods. It will take a few weeks to recalibrate, I think, but will lead to eating more whole versus processed foods.

These are some big changes that we’ve been told are based on research and even more weight loss. I am all for that! How are you guys feeling about the new changes?


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