What Tweaks Are You Making For Freestyle?

Today was my third day on Freestyle (as mentioned in our last podcast, my sisters are about a week ahead of me). I’m finding that I’m running out of points earlier in the day and that I haven’t yet figured out how to compensate for that. I’ve been having yogurt in the morning like I always do. My Chobani is my favorite. It is 4 points. Then, I have snacks like Ezekial Bread (the cinnamon raisin bread is 3 points per piece. Yikes!). I’ll have a bowl of cereal in there somewhere (like Fiber One) even if it ends up being for lunch. Today I had tuna and crackers for my afternoon snack which were 5 points. I also had a breakfast bar, which is 5 points, though I did have some tangerines.

So, the points are adding up and I don’t seem to have a great plan to make sure I don’t go over. It is evening now, I’m a bit hungry, and I only have 6 points left. I’m a little afraid about how easy it will be to eat those tonight.

I’m trying to make sure I don’t give up foods that I know are healthy – like whole grains – just because they cost points. One change I need to make, I think, is the breakfast bars need to go. I have some at my desk at work and will pull one out when I’m feeling munchy, but 5 points is way too many points, especially considering how unsatisfying they are. So, I think I need to find snacks that fit in this new program that are lower points and filling. That seems to be the task. At work, I can’t just keep pulling out chicken breast all day, so low-point snacks that don’t have to be refrigerated would be helpful. Any ideas?

Second, I need to implement the non-fat, plain yogurt into my diet. I wrote a whole post about it, but haven’t really done that yet. One problem is that plain yogurt has to be sweetened somehow, and when I’m grabbing food to take to work in the morning, the easier the better. So, I think I need to pre-prepare the yogurt and put it in small containers so I can grab it in the morning.

So, my action plan so far this week to acclimate to Freestyle: seek out lower-point snacks I can take to work, and pre-prepare my nonfat yogurt so that it is ready to go in the morning.

I’m curious what changes others are making. Please share.

4 thoughts on “What Tweaks Are You Making For Freestyle?

  1. Chobani Greek 0 with truvia and vanilla. I use frozen fruit and or fresh in it. I use the tiny mason jars so I can also use it for overnight oats as well. My favorite recipe uses oats, pb2, almond milk, yogurt, vanilla and truvia. 3 sp. I think the challenge is going to be prep. I’m a grab and go girl as well. It’s going to be a new challenge.


    1. Thanks for the ideas. I’ve never tried the overnight oats, but I hear they’re really good. I’ll definitely give them a try. I’ve also heard about this pb2, but I’ve never bought it before.


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