We Can Change Our Habits

After the gain I had at the end of the year, I’ve been feeling a little down. It seemed to take some of the glow off of the success of 2017. So, I did what we all do and determined to improve my choices. But, I’ve found myself feeling somewhat tired of the routine. I wonder if others feel this way. I haven’t gotten the same excitement from planning my food week that I normally do. So, I haven’t done my weekly cooking or packing. I’ve been making decisions day-to-day, trying to get my excitement back.

But, I noticed something happen this week that was pretty amazing to me – I’ve been reaching for healthier foods anyway. In the past, when I don’t pack or plan, I make really bad choices. And, I’m not saying I’ve been stellar for every single choice this week, but my choices have still been healthier. I realized my habits are changing and my default is to eat healthier foods.

I’m really surprised. This is one type of behavioral change that I hope creates success in the long-run. I did a mid-week weigh-in and saw that I already lost some of the weight I’d gained over Christmas. I’m only a few pounds from my lowest weight in 2017. So, that feels good.

But, what I’m really excited for today is evidence that the day in and day out of this effort seems to be paying off in that my habits are better and I’m desiring healthier foods.

Habits are very powerful and very difficult to change. I think the old saying that it takes 21 days to build a habit is bunk. It takes a lot longer than that.

I once read a story of a man who had lost all of his memory, but still would wake up every day and perform his same routine walk. He knew where to go and where to come back to. It was because he had taken that walk every day for many years and he knew somehow where to go without getting lost. But, he couldn’t remember his name or his family. Habits are powerful.

Today’s realization has helped me overcome some of the malaise I’ve been feeling about the effort it takes to plan. Daily and weekly consistent behavior can change our habits!

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