Veggie Lasagna

A couple nights ago I made a really delicious veggie lasagna that was family friendly, great for packing for lunch, and a great freezer food addition.

Zucchini (2-4 medium) sliced in thin layers length wise.  These will act as your noodles.
1 pound 99% FF ground turkey (cooked with a smidge of oregano and garlic)
1 cup spaghetti sauce
8 oz part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded
Optional: shredded carrots, diced tomatoes, onions (Add in veggies to bulk it up and provide additional flavor)

Just like a regular lasagna, spread a little sauce along the bottom of the pan and then layer your zucchini (noodles), turkey, sauce, cheese in layers.  Continue until all ingredients are done.  In a 9×13 pan, 1/8th of the pan is 4 points.

4 point lasagna

I put the leftovers in tupperware to prep for the week.  I’m ready for the next 4 days with this deliciousness!20180109_222952 (1).jpg


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