My First Week On Simply Filling

Last Friday, I decided to switch to Simply Filling. My primary reasons were that I haven’t been able to really acclimate to Freestyle and I’m someone who eats whole grains and found that my points were gone too quickly. The final straw was when I finally looked at the Simply Filling list of foods and saw that 94% fat free popcorn was on the list – which is one of my favorite snacks. So, I felt that Simply Filling might be fore me.

However, unfortunately, I switched over without really planning for it. So, this week has been a “do the best I can with the food I’ve already got in the house” type of week. Here’s some of the things I’ve noticed this week:

-It feels freeing. I didn’t use the app all week to track food, even though on Simply Filing you are supposed to track foods you consume not on the list. So, I definitely took it further than I’m supposed to, but I justified it by making the best decisions I could make with each meal. Getting to step back from writing everything down is a nice break. Even going forward, IF I decide to start writing down the foods not on the list (I’m still deciding if I want to do this), it will be easier than it used to be.

-The list may not be perfect for me. I know, when you hear that someone wants to “tweak” the list of foods, it sounds like a cop out. But hear me out. My first tweak is to add plain, almond milk which is not on the SF list, though fat-free milk is. I have been using almond milk for cereal for a long time and think it is healthy. The other addition to the list is Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel bread is sprouted grain bread that I think is very healthful. It is filling, and the sprouted grains are supposed to be healthier than flour-based bread. So, even though it isn’t on the list, I have no concerns that eating this bread will stifle my weight loss.

-I’m having to decide carefully how to use my weeklies. Even though I am not recording point-based food right now (for my mental break from that task), it doesn’t mean I’m not carefully considering foods that aren’t on the SF list. For instance, I have Chobani yogurt each day. It is 4 points and I love it. However, it isn’t on the SF list. But, non-fat, artificially-flavored yogurt is acceptable on SF. However, it tastes vastly inferior to the type of Chobani I usually get. And, it leaves a weird taste in my mouth. So, should I continue with the Chobani though it reduces my weeklies? I have to decide. The other decision is cheese. I love cheese and while fat-free cheese is on SF, we all know it doesn’t taste as good. I haven’t tried fat-free cheese yet, but before deciding what kind of cheese I’ll use, I’m going to try some of it out.

-I’ve had to really listen to my body this week to not overeat. This is tough because in the past (on the SmartPoints program), I let the number of points tell me how much to eat. On SF, I’m having to stop when I’m full. I recognize that under stressful times, emotional times, etc, I may not have the willpower to stop, but this week I believe I did pretty well. I focused on eating foods that are filling and then stopping when I was done.

So, if Freestyle isn’t your cup of tea or you need a break, I certainly recommend Simply Filling. You can always switch back. This week I lost three pounds and I am ecstatic about that. Here’s a great list of foods on SF:

Whatever you decide, good luck to all in our journey towards health!

7 thoughts on “My First Week On Simply Filling

  1. Hi Lisa – I’m trying to get back on SF (doing Freestyle and don’t like the results!) Since you can’t use the app anymore, I’m trying to remember if you can use the book on smart points to get the values for non-listed foods. Is that correct?


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