#12 – Freestyle Sound-Off (Podcast)

Feeling a little frustrated with Freestyle? We are too. So much so that Rebecca almost started a revolt in a recent meeting! Join us as we sound-off about Freestyle and hear how we’re dealing with it.

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2 thoughts on “#12 – Freestyle Sound-Off (Podcast)

  1. I’m a newbie. I’ll have my 4th weigh in on Friday. Last weigh in I was down 12.4 lbs and after the 1st week lost of 7lbs I’ve been 2.5 lbs Losses. I’m having decent losses on freestyle.

    Perhaps the answer to your frustration would be analyzing what the differences are between newbies and the veterans? Do we work the program differently?

    Myself, struggle to eat my points. I know I need to get 13-20 pts in a day to lose. Occasionally I’ll hit the limit and dip into weeklies. But I try not to do that more than a day a week. I get 23 pts a day. I usually use 4 or less pts on breakfast. Normally eat an egg and low carb muffin, goat cheese and grapefruit. I like to do a egg in the hole with low carb bread too. With a fruit and water. All I drink is water tea and coffee, all unsweetened. Lunch and dinner I eat 5-8 pts each, I cook for 6 people so what I cook needs to work with my program. Then use another 4ish for a snack, Most of my snacks are 0 pt fruits or veggies. I only normally use weeklies when I eat out and I don’t do that but 1 a week maybe.

    I don’t know if any of this is helpful. But conversations. Points are different for everyone but I think finding the balance of how you eat your points helps.

    SN- I’m a daily weigher because it gives me better data on what I did the day before. Like did I eat too much salt. Or if maybe eating 3 carb heavy foods was a bad idea. I know my body holds on to carbs so I try not to eat a lot of them. Things like that.

    I’m no expert nor do I think I got the answers but this is what’s working for me.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I am SO glad you are finding success!!! You know, it’s interesting that you mention the difference between new WW members and those that transitioned to freestyle. Our leader at this meeting said that the research WW conducted showed that new members where successful whereas members that were transitioning had actually gained weight and struggled to transition. That’s part of why I don’t necessarily have an issue with freestyle, but it seems like if they knew this going in, they could have helped with the transition a little more. Still not giving up on the plan but aware I might need to find a way to approach it with fresh eyes.


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