Alright y’all, I have been living in the same weight decade for the past few months, demonstrating a full-fledged plateau. I had been gaining and losing the same few pounds for a while. I decided I wanted to bust out of that pattern.

First, I had to set the goals for my challenge. I had 3 rules:

  1. Move more
  2. Track every bite
  3. Be kind to yourself

I followed these rules diligently for 3 weeks. I knew 1-2 weeks was too short as my body would have to adjust. 3 weeks worked great.

Move More

To move more, I started a couch to 5K program, took a zumba class, and tried to just move more throughout the day. This included taking ramps in parking garages and the long way around places. I haven’t really worked out much while on Weight Watchers. This experience reminded me how strong exercise helps me to feel. I really do love it.

Track Every Bite

I noticed that I had become a little more complacent with recording food. I’ve been more specific and made sure that I included even the most minor of things that could influence points.

Be Kind To Yourself

I felt like this was the most important one. I realized I needed to think kind things about myself. I had been thinking frustrating things about myself and my body as I kept gaining and losing. I’ve been changing the internal conversation. Some of the thoughts I’ve been thinking have been:

  • I’m so proud of myself and my body.
  • I can do hard things.
  • My body is so strong and has carried me through tough times.
  • I’m powerful!

So, after three weeks, I ended up losing 6 pounds, which got me into a different decade. To avoid a new plateau, I plan on keeping these things up. I hope this will help with continued progress.

What do you all do to bust those plateaus? Tell us your experience! The biggest lesson I have learned: just keep trying. I won’t give up. I got this!

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