Lisa Accountability Post – Week 1 of New Life!

Ok folks, on our soon-to-be-posted podcast, you will hear that I've just uprooted myself and returned to the East Coast with a new job and new apartment. I miss my family in TX, but am excited to be settled after looking for where I was going to land for so long. So, Kitty and I … Continue reading Lisa Accountability Post – Week 1 of New Life!

#17 – Roadtrippin’ WW Style (Podcast)

Being out of sync with your usual schedule can be a challenge. Rebecca and Lisa took a road trip and talk about their challenges and moments of success as they traveled across the country. Please share what you do to prep for road trips. Jingle music provided by: Have suggestions for other podcasts? Please … Continue reading #17 – Roadtrippin’ WW Style (Podcast)