Lisa Accountability Post – Week 1 of New Life!

Ok folks, on our soon-to-be-posted podcast, you will hear that I’ve just uprooted myself and returned to the East Coast with a new job and new apartment. I miss my family in TX, but am excited to be settled after looking for where I was going to land for so long. So, Kitty and I are here, ready to start fresh.


As I mentioned in the podcast, I intend to post a weekly accountability post to give me a chance to review and reflect on the previous week and plan for next week. So here goes:

This past week: Was AWESOME! I started an incredible job which I love. And, having my own place again has helped a lot in controlling the what I eat. I wasn’t as prepared as I wanted to be since last week, I moved up here and didn’t have time to do food prep, so I ate out a lot more than I wanted. But, I feel good about the choices I made (Chick Fil A mostly) and only had one meal that was unhealthy all week.

I’ve had to choose which plan I’ll be on with WW (since I officially switched to Simply Filling a few weeks ago). I have been enjoying the freedom in SF which includes not having to write down most of what you eat as long as it is on the list, and I think it helped break me through my plateau. However, I’ve notice that as time has gone on, I’ve continued to make exceptions for what I can eat and haven’t been recording my off-plan points. For that reason, I’ve decided to go back to Freestyle. I’m going to approach Freestyle with a new attitude and try to really focus on the zero-point foods and making them the staples in my diet, which is not the same approach I had with SmartPoints.

Next week: To that end, I’ve been prepping today (Saturday) for the next week. I went shopping for lots of fruits. I have lots of veggies in the freezer (I like to buy them frozen so they don’t go bad if I don’t eat them within a few days of purchase). And, I’ve prepped some yummy zero-point bean chili to munch on this week.

So, on to week 2! My goal is to eat out less (should be once or twice a week max) and eat what I prep from home. I think that will make a big difference. Also, for the first time in weeks, I’m planning on tracking my foods in the WW app.

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