#18 – Fresh Starts (Podcast)

We’ll admit, we’re great at fresh starts and planning. Sometimes we falter and getting back to what you know works can be hard. Join us as we talk about fresh starts and how to retain accountability. Provide some feedback and accountability to Lisa here!

Jingle music provided by: https://www.hooksounds.com

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2 thoughts on “#18 – Fresh Starts (Podcast)

  1. I need a fresh start! Man this month has been a slippery slope to gains. I quit tracking, but I was still losing so okay. Then I got sick and didn’t exercise. But I didn’t gain, so okay. Then I indulged and indulged and went on vacation and indulged some more. Now I’ve gained. Gah. Okay, so before I really lose all since of control, I’m going to the grocery store (because that’s how you get start a re-do right?) and I’m getting my mojo back!


    1. The slippery slope and I are well acquainted! I have found that I must track, even when I know I’m making bad food choices… for me it’s so easy to get out of the habit.

      I totally agree that going to the store is how to do a re-do, lol. That and write out a list of healthy snack options… I do that way too frequently.


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