Lisa Accountability Post – Week 2 of New Life!

Hi folks!

I’m happy to report about week two since I moved back to Virginia. It has been an amazing week and I’m happy to report that my health efforts were pretty successful.

I had three days of training this week at different locations so the challenge was choosing foods that were on plan even though I was eating out a lot. I did a pretty good job – mostly choosing Chick Fil A (my favorite fast food place), Subway and Wendy’s. But, I did overeat one day at Wendy’s when I was out of points and still wanted a frosty.

But, other than that, I had a great week. I ate the foods that I had planned to. I even exercised (though only once 🙂 ). Having healthy foods already made up was a huge help. I had a lot of the bean chili I had made last week. I had a snow day this week where I was stuck at home all day, and having only healthy foods at home helped a lot because I wasn’t tempted.

I made the decision this past week to not buy cheese. I have posted in the past about how much I love Velveeta. I have it all the time, but I’ve realized that it promotes overeating because even when I’m not hungry, I’ll go to the fridge and eat a piece (or two or three). So, I didn’t purchase it this past week and it really cut down on late-night snacking.

Also, in my commitment to include whole grains in my diet, I’ve started adding rolled oats to my Chobani. It is good, the oats add texture to the yogurt, add fiber, and make the dish last a little longer. It is also more filling than yogurt alone.


For next week, I’ve already done some cooking and prepped two dishes: teriyaki broccoli and chicken and barbecue beans and corn. If I do say so myself, I am very proud of the bbq beans and corn dish because I was seeking something a little different and came up with this idea without a recipe.

Here’s the broccoli and chicken teriyaki – emphasis is on the broccoli:


And, here’s the yummy bbq bean and corn dish:


So, that’s my update. Oh, I forgot to say – I lost all the weight I’ve gained the past few months (6 pounds) since I moved here, so going forward, I’m in new territory. On to week 3!!!

2 thoughts on “Lisa Accountability Post – Week 2 of New Life!

  1. I’ve just recently found your podcast and now your blog. I love listening to you and your sisters. Way to go making the adjustment to VA. and making great food choices. It’s a daily struggle for me… but we can do this! Definitely a journey and not a destination.


    1. Hi Dorothy! I’m so glad you found us. It is definitely a daily struggle, no doubt about it. Thanks for your comment!


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