Lisa Accountability Post – Week 3 of New Life!

First of all, Happy Easter! I am very grateful for the sacrifice that Christ made for us and can’t post on Easter without acknowledging His role in my life.

Now, onto my weekly report. What a week! I hit 50 pounds lost on WW! I was so surprised because I have been a few pounds away from that for a few weeks (actually for longer than that), but for some reason my body was having a hard time getting there. Finally, I weighed in on Saturday hoping for any movement and I had lost nearly 3 pounds! Looking back over the past few weeks, I think a few things have helped me get down these last few pounds. For the first time in over a year, I did not buy any cheese or Velveeta. I discovered Velveeta early in my WW journey, realizing it is only 1 point per slice. And, it sure makes broccoli go down more easily. But, I realized that by having it in the fridge, I was regularly snacking on it whenever I happened to walk by my kitchen. It was adding to my points each day, even if only by a few points. And, it was regularly a food I would eat when I wasn’t hungry, which meant it had to go. The second thing I changed was I’ve tried to drink more water and less soda. That doesn’t mean I don’t drink any soda (I mean, let’s not get ridiculous!), but I have tried to emphasize water and drink more. Third, I have been making food every Saturday and then eating it throughout the week. I’ve emphasized zero-point foods like veggies, beans, and chicken breast. I really think having pre-made and tasty choices available, I feel more satisfied and I don’t desire other foods as much.

This past week, I stayed within plan each day, staying within my daily and weekly points. I also had some low-point ice-cream this week which I have to say is something I’ll probably buy a little more often. It didn’t effect my weight loss and was quite yummy:

I was actually impressed at how yummy the mint chip Halo Top was. I tried Halo Top in the past and didn’t love it like I know a lot of others seem to. But the mint chip was really good and surprisingly didn’t have the artificial taste that the other Halo Tops have. The Enlightened was pretty good, too, in a pinch.

I’ve already prepared meals for next week. I’ve made a yummy chicken and broccoli dish:


I also made a yummy egg/corn/bean/mushroom dish with salsa.


I look forward to diving into these dishes for lunches this week.

So, another great week and I excitedly move onto losing the next 50!

Have a great week!

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