Lisa Accountability Post – Week 4 of New Life!

I can’t believe I’ve been here almost a month. This week, things got a little tougher. I did lose 1.4 pounds, so that’s good. However, I’ve had cravings this week and finally gave in yesterday and had an overload of terrible-for-me food (after I weighed in). I think it is fascinating how quickly things go from strong to weak. I blame this week on female troubles (the women get what I mean). Also, while having such strong cravings, it hard to say no over and over again when you just want to let go. So, I felt my resolve weaken throughout the week and last night just gave in.

That said, I felt sick today as a result of yesterday and am ready to jump back in to lose more. I always find that I don’t feel well after indulging, but I’ve learned to not hate myself so much after having nights like last night. I have the tools to recover from such days. And, I’m glad that my body responds the way that it does. I don’t eat a lot of sugar or fat. So, when I do over-indulge, my body responds with pain. That’s how it should be. My body is used to healthier food and knows when it is being fed bad food.

So, on to next week. I’ve spent the day prepping meals for next week based on zero-point foods. I’ve made black-bean chili, barbeque beans/corn/chicken, and salsa beans/corn/chicken. I like to take basic ingredients, put them in a pan, and then add flavor. That way, most of my meals are based on zero-point foods.

I also wanted to note that one of things that I think has helped me the past few weeks is a find that I discovered when I was on Simply Filling for a little while: Cheerios. Cheerios meets the Simply Filling criteria because it has such a low sugar count (1g) but with 3g of fiber – which meets the threshold for cereal on Simply Filling. It also has 3g of protein. This is all in 1 cup. Now that I’m back on Freestyle, 1 cup of Cheerios is only 3 points. That’s pretty darn good. So, it has turned into a treat I can have frequently and not ruin my diet. When I feel like having carbs – I have a bowl on Cheerios. When I don’t want to prepare food, I have a bowl of Cheerios. When I want something lighter – I have Cheerios.


Anyway, on to next week. Hopefully the cravings will subside.

And, in case you need a cute picture, here is Kitty, who supports my efforts in her own way.


2 thoughts on “Lisa Accountability Post – Week 4 of New Life!

  1. Wait – where is your next post?! I do the same sort of thing, loose and overindulge and then I say “how am I going to go on from here”?? But we just start again and do it. I log and track and stay within my points, so far thats been the only way that works. I only started in February so I haven’t had the week yet where I do everything I am supposed to and I stay the same, but I know its coming!! I was hungry also this week too!! Thanks for this post and the inspiration!! I am going to try the cheerio tip 🙂


    1. Wow, somebody is holding me accountable to my accountability post! I will admit that I’ve gotten off a little bit, and things have gotten a little crazy in life such that I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks. Thank you so much for checking in and holding me accountable. I’ll definitely post this weekend and catch up with the last few weeks. Welcome to Weight Watchers! Good luck!


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